Mo MaN (monsters are human)

i am tired of earth, the people

i am tired of being caught up in their tangle of their lives

everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain

you really can not have a rainbow with a little rain


we are living in a society that profits from self doubt

liking yourself is actually a rebellious act

sometimes the truth is not good enough

sometimes people deserve more


you are not alive just to please the aesthetic of the colonized eye

consistency is death

you can be anyone you want

you could live a thousand lives

its when everyone thinks that they know who you are is when you really are trapped


what if words never really existed and all we had was actions to express ourselves

i really wonder what kind of depth and shallowness that could bring to the world


you are still going to be criticized, so you might as well do whatever you want

i know right

how painful and exquisite is it to be alive


am only doing this thing because am having fun

the day i stop having fun I’ll just walk away


i am not looking to escape my darkness

i am just learning to love myself here




Stay Weird






The Boy







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