UnTiTlEd ()

society is to blame

the world is so unfair , so i have to die

grow a pair (please do)

there is no point in blaming everybody

stop waiting for life to be easy

stop waiting for somebody to save you

you really need to face some hard facts and you will have an incredible life


a life without regret is definitely not a life without living

let your self get caught up in a moment every once in a while

sometimes the consequences are worth it


yea so 99 percent of the people will disappoint you,

but in the marginal error you will find some magic


when people say that they love you

actually they love  how loving you makes them feel about themselves

or they love what they can take away from you

but, take away the money, cars, travel and all the other expensive stuff that we all want to own

nothing about that is shit if you cant tell someone you love about it


there is definitely no point

or at least, big picture we don’t get to know what it is, why we live

life happens (you bump into shit)


the devil is right there in the detail

even art needs a bit of mystery, some resistance




Stay Weird






The Boy


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