AtYpIcAl (Everything Everything)

life is just a series of failures and disappointments filled with ass holes and honesty is the only way to be

(i guess i just explained ‘my’ life)

you can talk but no one really listens to you

you can see (i hope i still do with all these paper people) but no one really sees you

nothing you do matters to anyone

it feels like you really do not exist (do you know that feeling ?)

like an astronaut stuck in space

i just want to scream and shout so that i can be noticed for once (but probably these paper people will think am probably insane)

but i rather be insane than fake.

this is your one and only life, what exactly do you want to tell people about it ?

if someone actually asked me that, i would probably tell them that am not that messed up as before (i really hope so), i believe am getting better and that all monsters are human.

our lives here on earth is really short

and we still are messed up and scared

we hurt and also hurt each other

i really never understand how one minute you are in love and the next minute you are less than strangers

but i guess you get what you wish for (cheesy line)

everyday feels the same

and i believe its time i put my life on hold

and maybe take some risks and try to make things right (total lies please pleeeaaaseee don’t believe this lunatic)






Stay Weird






The Boy










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