WoNdEr WoMaN

Gal Gadot described a wonder woman as an “idealist. experienced, super-confident. having many strengths and powers, but at the end of the day she’s a woman with a lot of emotional intelligence”

personally, a wonder woman is  a woman who has the guts to be vulnerable and also have strength as the same damn time

throughout history, women have fought to assert themselves as individuals and experts in different fields, something most men have had the luxury of talking for granted

Eleanor Roosevelt once challenged us to do one thing every day that scared us

and most of the women i have come across are out here making moves ( i got the moves, she got the moves )


she might have four boys, but she is actually the boss of them all (mum)

she may be tiny ,but she actually commands so much attention (bea)

she may not enjoy her boss and her job at one time, but she actually flourishing in her outside business (chem)

she may have gone to school and studied on a particula field, she actually follows her passion (fashion) and is actually good at it (gogo)

she might have a rough start, but she went on to be the best in what she does (percussiva)


all these woman are such an inspiration to me

wonder woman – she is wise and strong, complicated, interesting, strong willed, lover of peace, fierce, nurturing,highly compassionate, relatable, sympathetic, she does not need to be muscular to show strength




Stay Weird




The  Boy


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