My DeFaUlT (Mr Robot)



i might be too strung out on compliments

overdosed on confidence

faded way too much, i’m floating in and out of consciousness



asking for help is no one’s strong suite, it is like admission of weakness

to patch vulnerability , you have to expose it first

the flip-side being, by exposing a vulnerability you are open for exploit


we destroy parts of ourselves everyday

we photo-shop our warts

we edit the parts we hate about ourselves

we modify the parts we think people hate

we curate our identity

we curve it

annihilation is all we are


it does not matter where you go or where you come from

as long as you keep stumbling, maybe that’s all it takes

maybe that’s as good as it gets.







Stay Weird



The Boy


2 thoughts on “My DeFaUlT (Mr Robot)

  1. weakness in vulnerability,
    so much like a silver lining
    under a heavy cloud of judgement and insecurities,
    tied down at the bottom of your dried up well of compliments,
    beneath your shadow of confidence
    emerging with a fake smile on my lips,
    hoping that after its all over…

    burning in my exposed parts,

    i hate what i see,
    even more, i hate what you see.

    trying to get unmasked.


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