tumblr_m6tyam08c21qj12f3hurting myself concentrated me to the exclusion of anything else, it was like a drug . the world has just become so inhuman

everyone is plugged in blindingly and articulate, obsessed with money and their careers, stupidly arrogantly content

i  can’t talk to them, i fight them, i want to destroy them  even. i crave interaction

i crave it but you just can’t anymore, they pull their devices out  for every little thing to reinforce their petty convenient notions

to decide where they are going to eat, shop, what movies they going to watch and  everything  they ingest.

its like this is all a game and I haven’t been told what the rules are, or even worse  if I had I am ill-equipped to follow

them. all I can do is provoke. i become spiteful am just as bad as they are. i am worse, I fucking hate myself for it. i

am so fucking lonely

why is the world so base?

why is it so insensitive?

why is it so selfish?

why am I am not for this world?


Sophie (Kristen Stewart on Anesthesia)




Stay Weird



The Boy


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