gRoWiNg Up, I think (2)most of us want to be adults so bad. so that we can move out of our parents house, so that we don’t get a curfew, so that we don’t get grounded, so that we can leave on our own, without any rules.

but i came to realize that ADULTHOOD is not a good thing. its like looking both ways before you cross the road and getting hit by a plane.


recently i lost something really precious to me, but other than getting so pissed and being mad at the world, i was actually relaxed.

i realized that i have matured a little bit, or what do you think?

yes being an adult is so hard, with all this responsibilities. yes we will sometime face some challenges, but no matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up, and never give up, remember that guy that gave up? neither does anybody else.


Stay Weird


The Boy


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