index(CNN)“I would rather not eat for a week than get my phone taken away. It’s really bad,” said Gia, a13-year-old. “I literally feel like I’m going to die.”

“When I get my phone taken away, I feel kind of naked,” said Kyla, another 13-year-old. “I do feel kind of empty without my phone.”
Both participated in “#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens,” a first-of-its-kind CNN study on social media and teens.
#Being13 found that it’s largely due to a need to monitor their own popularity status, and defend themselves against those who challenge it.
  • 61% of teens said they wanted to see if their online posts are getting likes and comments.
  • 36% of teens said they wanted to see if their friends are doing things without them.
  • 21% of teens said they wanted to make sure no one was saying mean things about them.

the study was conducted with eighth graders at eight different schools in six states across the country. Participating students, with the permission of their parents, registered their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts through a secure server created by Smarsh, an electronic archiving company contracted by CNN. The study’s co-authors, along with their teams, analyzed an estimated 150,000 social media posts collected over a six month period. In addition, the teens also answered a number of survey questions about their use of social media.

i saw this and i was so shocked, 13 year old saying that they would rather not eat than their phone being taken away, other saying that they would feel naked if someone took their phone.

we are so attached to our phones that we don’t see the damages we causing to ourselves, physically, socially and mentally. some of us will take over 100 photos so that they can find the right one to post online so that they can get more followers to like and comment, you can never post a bad selfie in this era, that’s just like committing suicide. teenagers are so afraid of being dissed on social media for having a bad selfie posted, they are afraid of losing their followers. you will find young girls degrading themselves just to get more likes than her friend, its all about competition and where you rank in the peer world.

recently my friend told me something that made me write about this, in this era of the SOCIAL WORLD, dating has been revolutionized, nowadays its not about if you both connect intellectually, rather its if the person reaches the #bodygoals you require.

the teens of today, when they get a good job instead of investing the money well for the future, they want to party every weekend like Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa. he-he seriously

wayne has set his price at $60,000 for a set, while Wiz – playing as DJ Daddy Cat – wants $25,000. in Kenyan money, lil Wayne gets 6,000,000 million  for just one set and wiz gets 2,500,000 million kshs for just a set, yet you get lets say 30,000kshs a month and you still want to party like them. be realistic mahn

am not saying that you should never party, am just saying that you think before you do anything.

stop trying be  Beyonce, be yourself, be Wanjiku. stop trying to party like Wiz Khalifa, part as yourself as Kimani.

Stay Weird

The Boy


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