aLl We HaVe

PETERSEN-Poster-All-we-have-is-now_72dpievery war is different,every war is the same. it just occurred to me that we will never be young again and with death dancing silently in someone’s shadow without giving a damn, it scared me.

i realized that i have not yet achieved my goal,  i realized that i have not graduated from school, i realized that i do not yet have a job, i realized that am still an angry person,  i realized that am still depressed.


i also realized something, that everyone is entitled to his/her belief and that is the ying yang of society. yes i have  not yet done all those things above, but today, i am happy free, proud and confident. most of us are so concerned about tomorrow, we end up forgetting now. yes we all have a lot of things we need to do, but we also have to enjoy the now.

you must think that am crazy, but i am just free. free to learn new things, free to make new friends, free to dance, run, shout, scream, laugh, eat, cry.

i know that some of you will not agree with me, but it is okay, everyone is entitled to their belief, but i am going to be me, i am woke. let’s live for the moment for we never know what the future holds.



Stay Weird

The Boy


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