cHiLdReN oF mEn

children_of_men_by_scourge07-d721ikp (2)they say that life is all but a movie,and each one of us is a character, cast to portray some kind of personality or even attitude. in this different characters we are cast as, some of us get to embrace new personalities, new attitudes from the other characters we share this movie (life) with.

most of us think that life is all about the money, and most of us want to be forever young thinking that they are Peter Pan, that’s why you will find people lying about their age. many of us lose ourselves to intoxication, rather than dealing with our problems, we instead decide to drink, smoke the pain away.

they say that time is money, but really is not, if we ever go broke then time is all we got, so let us ball(enjoy life) while we here. am not about that live fast die young , am all about that enjoying life.

am here sharing my experience, to help me and all of you survive the chaos from this cruel world we live in, am just but a child of man.

children_of_men_idea1d (2)


Stay Weird

The Boy



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