IMG_20160205_125109where people are being mistreated because of their color and race

where people want to live without any emotions, they just want to be heartless, they do not want to fall in love

where the rich steal from the poor, just to increase their wealth

where the free thinking open minded people are called crazy and stupid, whereas the ignorant close minded people are normal

where dabbing and Milly rocking are the ill est dance moves right now (for y’all who do not know this moves please google)

where cancer is killing and destroying people’s lives, and we all are here yelling Fxxx Cancer

where skinny jeans together with an over-sized t-shirt and a dad hat are now the coolest clad to wear

where people are speaking their minds without giving a fxxx of any consequences (freedom of speech with no fxxxs given)

where gramming and dming is the main way of conversing with one another

where memeing and clap backs are the best way to reply to someone trolling you on the internet

where controversy sells

where Kanye West’s (Yeezy, Mr West’s) Album The Life of Pablo is dropping on February 11th this year.


Stay Weird

The Boy


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