Denoh 20160202_102848somewhere between psychotic and iconic

                                    somewhere between sane and insanity

somewhere between being okay and losing it





the untold story of Pravin

he is filled with hate and anger inside him, he avoids getting close to any one because he is afraid of getting hurt and being left

he is a broken soul, broken down and only left with hate and anger.

if you meet him he has this big huge fake smile, but inside he is really hurting.

he has no one but himself, he fights his own battles and got his own back.

he is not a loner per say, he just does not trust easily.

he made it so that no one can ever miss him, he pushed everyone away, by being silent and rude to them.

he is just broken.

he is just lonely.

he is depressed.

he has considered ending his life a couple of times, just to escape everything.

he is lost.


Stay Weird

The Boy





15 thoughts on “pRaViN

  1. Hang on there boy, we need more weird, smart ones out there. Keep on fighting, no matter what. Wait one more day. Please and thank you. Xo


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