tHiS tHiNg CaLlEd 2015


It’s officially coming to and end, yes i know i am ten days earlier, but someone just tweeted,that i was among one of the people that made her 2015. I saw this and i decided,that i should tell my fellow msfts of my 2015.

It all started well, my last semester was coming to an end. Everything was fine, until i found out i will not be able to graduate because of not finishing my final project in good time.

 I was able to find internship in this awesome company. Damn, that was the best time of my life. You know as an intern you are not given that much responsibilities because you lack that the experience, so you have to do extra work (not your work), wake up earlier than the rest, so that the boss can notice the hard work you are putting in and decides to give you some  responsibilities. The day finally came, I was noticed and i got a chance to travel to Uganda, i also got to meet some important people in Kenya which was the best moment in my life. I also got a chance to meet American Hip Hop artist B.O.B who had a Jameson concert here in Kenya.

Through the internship period, i have interacted with different people, learnt a lot of new things and i am so thankful.

This has been one of my greatest year in my book, i appreciate all of the people that made it fun and enjoyable for me, and to those that made it tough,  thank you so much, you motivated me to do better with your hate.

I know most of you are now planning their  2016 resolutions, e.g. you will stop drinking, you will stop partying or you will party a lot, you will finally learn how to save your money. But, as you are planning on the future, do not forget about the now. You have ten more days of 2015, if you did not have fun, this is your time, have fun, live life and most importantly always dress to impress . As Tom ford said “dressing well is a form of good manners”

I would like to appreciate all the love that all my followers have shown me, by following this blog, reading the posts, liking and commenting, thank you very much, you made this year a special one for me.

I would like to leave you with a saying from this jolly big boned dude with a white beard (Santa, i think he said this) Ho Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay Weird

The Boy


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