bEcOmInG mE


I am currently in the path to my true self. A person am equally terrified by and obsessed with.  For as long as i have been creative, i have been fearful. Fearful of being rejected, fearful of failure fearful of who does this kid things he is.

Art is risk, i realized that if i wanted to make cool shit, i had to make cool shit. If that cool shit is shouting in a room full of people without caring what they think of you, it’s about doing that, if it is about pulling out crazy outfits that nobody would ever consider putting on, it’s about doing that.

This does not just apply to me, whatever it is, i urge you to do that. Do not let people stifle you because you are doing the shit they have always being scared to do. Love your body, let you mind wonder and let yourself be the person you always secretly wanted to be.

Becoming yourself is like being comfortable in your shoes. Most people will put on shoes that are cool ,but not comfortable, just to look good. If you let people dictate who you are, it’s like being uncomfortable in the shoes you have on. You should do what you want to do, what makes you happy, something you are passionate about.

Never put your dreams on hold for the future, why tomorrow when there is today. Life does not wait for anybody.

Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Special Thanks to Troye Sivan you are such an inspiration.


Stay Weird

The Boy



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