Why the f!ck you so opinionated
Sayin’ how you do it but they ain’t did it
Baby you need a demonstration
This is how you get richer baby
I’m stimulated.

They always say that no man is an island, that we all need each other to survive in this cruel world. But how will we survive if we the ones stabbing each others back and killing each other?
As one of my favorite rappers said ” the biggest killer in the country is not HIV, it is twitter now give me the hate i need. (Cassper Nyovest).
Everyday is just the same shit, same script but different cast, people will come to you pretending to be your friend, but they end up stabbing you in the back.
People you consider close, are out here talking shit about you, but the funny thing is that they cannot even help themselves.
Out here is every man for himself and every woman for herself. People are out here ruining other peoples life with the hate and the judgment they pass towards others.
When you show love, people be out here saying you ass kissing, or dick ridding.
Personally, i find the hate inspiring, when people be talking about you, that means you are doing something that is successful and it is pissing them of.
It actually stimulates me to do better. The best revenge for hate is success.
Let people talk about you and they say whatever dumb shit, be stimulated by their hate, and make  sure you revenge by being successful in whatever  you do, never ever let what they say about you bring you down.
Stay Weird
The Boy

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