ppppppAnd when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling
And I didn’t feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain
Just smile back

Through my 21 years in this earth, i have seriously learned a lot. I have met different people, some good, others bad and others you could not tell because they were secretive as hell. I got hurt a lot of times, some people cared for me, and others just used me.

My favorite rapper Drake, coined the term YOLO which stands for You Only Live Once, but how can you be alive when your soul is dead?

This has been among one of my worst month’s. everything has been going bad for me, and  i was not able to control it being a control freak i am. I was supposed to graduate from University last month, but something went down and i ended up not graduating. That seriously ruined me, damn my dad was angry with me and my mum was just disappointed. I was left behind because i just made a mistake, not completing my final project on time. So i started doing my final project, but every idea, was rejected by my supervisor.

Recently i have just been pushing myself to the limit trying to work out my final project and my internship. I have been working so hard on what i messed up and forgot to live my life, i am just there existing but rarely living. I am always worried about tomorrow and not focusing on the now, on the beautiful things that are happening to me. This year is coming to an end, and i have only have bad moments.

So i have decided from this day henceforth, to enjoy life, live it to the fullest, enjoy the smallest good moments. I have decided to always end my day with a smile even if everything else is messed up i will always end the day with a smile and with the help of my family, friends and The Almighty, i shall prosper in my endeavors.

This the rebirth of the new me, the other me is dead.

I would like to also urge you to always smile no matter the bad day you having, not only do you look better when you smile, but also smiling increases your time on this earth as i was told by a friend. I do not  know if that theory is scientifically proven, because am no scientist, but who cares just SMILE.


Stay Weird

The Boy


3 thoughts on “rEbIrTh

  1. Your are not the only one who mess up in the last month, you came upon a good conclusion though I think you need to finish your degree and throw it behind you back and enjoy your life


  2. Could you in WordPress setting the likes show on the home site.
    Would be much better and faster to liken …. 🙂

    View buttons in the WordPress settings (sharing) and boxes in all 4 hook inserts …. 🙂


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