dArE tO dEfY

tumblr_inline_mztvpjPJ7G1rq8gffIn life we go through a lot of rules and guidelines set for us by maybe our elders, our teachers, our parents, our bosses and even our partners, which is actually contrary to what i believed.




I personally always thought that dating was all about fun and breaking all the rules, but what do i know am just a teen.

I recently watched this film called Dope, produced by Forest Whitaker and executive produced by Pharrell Williams. It was really good and i got to pick one extra ordinary thing out of it. The main character was obsessed with everything to do with the 90s, from the music he listened to  even to the way he dressed. Yes, he definitely got bullied for this but he never changed anything. He refused to live by the rules of the society, it does not mean that since everything is evolving, you need to evolve to, you should dare to defy as he did.

In life, we are caught  in between who we really are, and who we are perceived by the people around us,  like our peers,our teachers, parents and by anyone else.We are placed in between categories and definitions such as geek, the weird one, the gay one, the fat one, the ugly one and the hoe.

Most of us do not fit in, and you may think that it is a curse but it is actually okay, it’s a blessing. When you don’t fit in, you are forced to see the world from many different angles and points of view, and you actually get to learn a lot.

Don’t be ordinary, that sucks , be extra – ordinary.



Stay Weird

The Boy


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