lItTlE bOy

Nuclearmush0111_468x741“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move” (Mt. 17:20)

Recently i watched this film tittle Little Boy. The film focuses on a seven year old boy who is devastated, when his father replaces his brother in the army during the period of the World war 2, after his brother was rejected for having flat feet.

little boy (Pepper) had a strong relationship with his dad, they spend  most of their time together playing and going to watch films.

Everything changed when his father gets into the military, Pepper was so sad he was leaving and he did not eat for a week. His brother was on edge always angry and lashing out, for he felt it was all his fault his dad was leaving.

His mother tried everything to please Pepper but this was to no avail, he just missed his dad and wanted  him to come back. After a while, it was time for his father to come back from the war, Pepper was very happy and he saved some money and bought his father the boots he always wanted.

Then news came that his father was kidnapped by the Japanese. Pepper was so sad, but he was determined to bring his father home. So he went to his mentor, a Father at their local church who gave him hope and asked him to have faith. Pepper read the verse above from( Mt.17:20) and was motivated.

Every evening he used to go by the river side, and he literally tried moving the mountain. The town people were so amazed by this little boy.

He used to be criticized about his height, but this made him bullied and teased.

He continued trying to move the mountain, and he never gave up, despite being bullied, being teased, being laughed at he continued having faith.

Faith is useless if you don’t  have faith in your heart.

After a while news came that the war was over and all prisoners were being released. This was after the bombing at Hiroshima. If you know your history well, you will know that the bomb dropped, destroyed almost everything a Hiroshima and the code name for the bomb dropped there was Little Boy.

Both the bomb and Pepper were both little but had a major impact, the Bomb destroyed a part of Japan, and Pepper had faith despite all the criticism that he would bring his dad home, which he eventually did.

What i am trying to say is that in life you will go through a lot, but never loose faith.


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The Boy


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