cHaRgEd Up

1438041827_fb67ff0f3a2e028ef7afd2c4fd7a3aa0I used to be the type of kid that would think the sky is falling

Why am i so differently wired? Am i a martian?

What kind of twisted experiment am i involved in?

‘Cause i don’t belong in this world

That’s why I’m scoffing at authority, defiant often



The lyrics are from one of the greatest rappers alive Eminem from the song legacy. In this song he talks about how he thought that being different from others was kind of weird and how he got over it and realized that being weird is kind of awesome.

Kyle was a weird skinny dude in his high school, he had less friends and other pupils used to make fun of him because of his looks. He was tall with longer arms, longer fingers and he was really shy. This made him so angry and he would lash out at his mum and he would push away the close people he had, he just wanted to be alone with his weirdness.

In class, there were times where the teacher gave an assignment as a group and everyone was to present, many liked when it was Kyle’s time to present, because he would stammer all way through and could not maintain eye contact which was a requirement to pass the assignment. His classmates would laugh at him and this would seriously bring his courage down.

He was so eager to fit into any group in school, so he decided to go wild this Friday afternoon, he was just walking around with his classmates and he was hit with a ball. At this time he was a form two student. His classmates noticed this and started inciting him to do something about it. He saw this as a chance for him to be respected and be accepted in the group, so he decided to threaten to beat up the form one if he did not apologize, and agree to buy him bread during tea break. But the form one did the opposite, he replied rudely and said he was not going to spend his money on a person like Kyle(the form one was referring to how weird looking Kyle was and also how shy he was to even approach a girl, from the stories he had heard. The form one did not respect him at all)

His classmates heard what the form one had said and started laughing, this really angered Kyle. He had had enough of being laughed at and talked about in a negative manner by his classmates, so turned with all the rage and punched the form one so hard, that the form one fell on the ground with a broken nose which was now bleeding.

His classmates were so impressed with him and they cheered him, and after a few minutes they left to their other business. The form one went and reported it and since bullying was not tolerated, he was suspended. In those two weeks, he realized something, he went much further ahead trying to impress other students so that he can be recognized as anything else other than the weird looking shy dude. In those two weeks he had lost school time which was crucial, and the people who he wanted to impress were still learning in school, also he realized that the punishment he would be given he will do it all by himself and no one would even assist him.

He accepted who he was and started loving himself and his life. It was a new Kyle

As Eminem said in Legacy

I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling

Now i think the fact that i’m differently wired is awesome

‘Cause if i wasn’t i wouldn’t be able to work

words like this and connect lines like cross words

and use my enemy’s words as strength

to try and draw from, and get inspired off em

Eminem went on from being shoved in lockers to become one of the greatest rappers alive. He was Charged Up.

Kyle went on and now he is learning videography at  this University and he is really good at it and he loves doing it. I decide on the tittle I am charged up because, just as Drake, he was charged up to prove that he can do it by himself and if people do not like you because of how you look, then they do not matter, because in life it is always about you and what you love doing. You will go impressing others but to what point, they will cheer you for a few minutes but it will all be over, instead Kyle decided to impress himself and be his own cheer leader.

So love what you do and put in all your effort towards success and remember to cheer yourself.


Stay Weird

The Boy




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