dArK sIdE oF tHe MoOn


The dark side of the moon looks like an only child who cannot fit into a place

The dark side of the moon looks like a single mother bruises on her face

The dark side of the moon looks like somebody’s sister yelling ”rape”


This are the lyrics  by the rapper MGK in his song called dark side of the moon, you can go read the full lyrics or listen to the whole song and you will be amazed.

The lyrics to this song inspired me to this two beautiful stories.

Kyle was just a young teen, but was not able to fit in any group. Other teens hated him, and always made fun of him because his mother was the town slut. She slept with men for money. This really disturbed him, and he was always angry and getting into fights in school. He had given up on life, for his dad had left them when he was just a young boy, and his mum was now the town slut. He despised her and never spent any time with her. One day when his mum was coming out from one of her clients house, she was hit by a stray bullet fired by a police man, who was chasing after a robber. She died instantly, the bullet went through her heart. Kyle was so devastated that he had no family left. He was so sad and sometime wished to commit suicide. After the burial, he was visited by a man whom he had never met before, he thought he was one of his mum’s clients and came out of the house with a baseball-bat to chase him away.The man introduced himself as the his mother’s friend, and he told him that his mother had opened a savings account for him, and all the money that she ever made was his to use, and also she had left him a letter. In the letter her mother apologized for everything she had done, and she wanted him to use the money to better himself, and also go to college and get a career. Kyle was so hurt by reading this and he decided to do this time listen to his mother. He went to college and studied law and now he defends the innocent against oppressors.

Alexis was a beautiful young girl who had just finished high school. She was waiting to be accepted in this top notch medical school which she had applied to pursue her dream of being a doctor. For her beauty, she caught the eye of this university guy who was considered the most handsome. They started by being friends and, things escalated faster and they started dating . She was so convinced that this was love, that when he convinced her to do the deed without protection, she never resisted. After a few weeks, she started vomiting and being a smart girl, she knew that it is one of the things that come with pregnancy. It was confirmed in the hospital. But both her family and the boy rejected her and she was chased away. She hated the child for everything that the child had brought in her life and she wanted to get rid of it, she went to the clinic but she was not able to go through with it. That was her baby, her first child. She started doing house chores so that she can get money to feed herself in that state. She received great news of being accepted in the medical school, but the money she had gotten was not able to finance all the classes she required. She was able to meet a friend who told her about a certain club she goes to strip and dances for money, Alexis was disgusted at first, but when the bills started pilling up after the baby, she decided to try it out. She was able to feed her baby girl and finish school with the money she got in the club. Now she is a medical doctor who treats people and has this children home where she takes cares of orphans.

Both stories have a good ending with a bad beginning. You must start from somewhere to get to the top, so never judge anyone, because you do not know the full story.

Stay Weird

The Boy





6 thoughts on “dArK sIdE oF tHe MoOn

  1. There really is always another angle, another understanding of what constitutes the Truth. If we listen and pay attention, we might not only learn more but give encouragement to someone whose Truth had first seemed mysterious or strange to us. We have more in common than not, if we will listen.
    Lovely post.


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