cRoOkEd SmIlE

JCole_CrookedSmileThis is a story told in a period of 21 years.

It all started on 21 st June 1994, when this adorable baby boy came into a world with so many evils.

His childhood was pretty awesome, all the attention was directed towards him. He was the baby in the house. But everything changed when a new baby younger and more cuter than him came into town (figuratively speaking). He was now a third child between the first born, the smart one (the second child) and the new baby.

Life was tough for this third child, he tried all his best to be noticed by his parents, working hard to get a good grade but he was not noticed, and this went on to his teenage life.

This period he started noticing he was attracted to the other sex (girls) and he wanted to hang out with them. Since he was just in high school, the money he could just access was his pocket money. Instead of using the money to feed himself in school, he used the money to get girls gifts so that they could hang out with him.This was the period when even saying hi to a girl you would be considered a hero among your friends, so he did the gift thing to impress the girls and be respected by his fellow mates.

Since he had made a name for himself for being the ladies man, he needed to look the part, and this included getting labeled clothes like Fubu, Phat farm, Rocawear and Seanjohn. This were expensive clothes and also the most classy looks at that time.

He used to suffer in school, so that he could achieve that kind of lifestyle. He started loosing weight and was full of debts.

He discovered too late that his so called friends were just using him, and that he came into this world alone, and he would exit it also alone, and if people need to be impressed by how you dress and the favors you do for them, those are not the right people to be associated with, for he had so much to offer than material necessities.

Everyone is attracted to the fast life, everyone wants the beautiful girl, the beautiful life and the beautiful home, but there is no need of loosing yourself, your integrity and life at risk just to get all this things, it is not all worth it. The beautiful girl will loose the beauty when she gets old, or might even leave you when you loose the money, the beautiful house can be destroyed by natural causes.All this things can be replaced but when you become dis honest, you loose your soul, and when you put your life at risk and end up loosing it, you cannot get it back, once you are gone you are gone.

As J_Cole put it in his song crooked smile featuring TLC, we are not picture perfect but we are worth the picture still, we should learn to love ourselves as we are or nobody will.

There is no need of fixing what God already put his paint brush on, focus on what we are blessed with and just be yourself because no one can be you.


Stay Weird

The Boy


8 thoughts on “cRoOkEd SmIlE

  1. I hope people for get to read this….
    Very sensible btw 👌👌

    Motive to those that don’t appreciate themselves 😌😊


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