eXtRoVeRtEd MiSfIt

rubyAn extrovert is an outgoing person.

A misfit is a person whose behaviour or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

A misfit does not fit into any one quite right, not even the outcasts, but may have qualities of each one. Misfits are usually introverts and they tend to follow their own beliefs and are usually persecuted for it.

Misfits tend to be hated for no reason, have few good friends and are usually intelligent and mature.

The  above beautiful lady is Ruby Rose, she is a model, a dj, a boxer, actress, recording artist, tv presenter and the face of maybelline in Australia.

She broke the internet, after her appearance as Stella Carlin on the Netflix show Orange is the new black. After the show everyone fell in love with the beautiful Ruby Rose and many posted her as their (WCW) woman crush wednesday on their many social media platforms. I was one of those many, but i was also attracted to her story (The Ruby Rose Story) before all this fame she had gathered for herself.

She came out as a lesbian when she was 12 years, and she suffered from verbal taunts and physical abuse from her school mates which later led her to be hospitalised at the age of 16. Growing up she wanted to be a boy and she saved the money for the transition from female to male, but she later grew out of it.

Reading about how she went from being taunted in school, to become the most talked about person this year really inspired me and thats why i went with the title extroverted misfit. I like sharing about myself, if you have ever met me, or seen me, you will agree to this. I am a tall skinny guy with longer arms and longer fingers and i do not like interacting with people i personally do not know, i also have fewer friends.

In high school people used to make fun of me because of my longer arms and my longer fingers, but they did not bring me down, i used to tell myself that with this longer fingers, i can play american football, since i was able to hold the rugby ball with just one hand, i also used to tell myself that maybe i will play basketball and become the next lebron or Jordan.

Yesterday i posted on Instagram a photo of this beautiful new artist Deja Trimble, better known as DejLoaf. To my amazement the picture nearly got 300 likes. You might think that it is stupid of me talking about Instagram, but who cares, it is my blog i can talk about whatever  want.

Personally i do not get many likes, but yesterday i did and it was really good for many people to like the picture i posted. To me i saw that i was the most talked about person yesterday and the feeling was pretty awesome.

You may think that am shallow talking about such a thing but i am not shallow, i do not think i am. Yesterday i felt appreciated, that someone noticed me and it was a huge motivation to me. Ruby went from being just another dj to have sold out shows, she went from being taunted by her school mates to a well known actress.

What i am trying to say is that, life will always be hard and you will come across many people who will try to bring you down, but do not allow them, always stay true to yourself,work hard and always pray.

Stay Weird

The Boy


8 thoughts on “eXtRoVeRtEd MiSfIt

  1. Reblogged this on njokikamau and commented:
    Can’t help but smile as i read through this. I know this guy, Pravin, and am honored to be your friend. I mean wow, you are awesome and hearing you write your story, believe in you is just about the most awesome thing that has happened today. His longer hands and fingers give the warmest hugs and handshakes you will ever experience. He is a star in his own ways,*always appreciated Pravin


  2. Kudos bro…we are all misfits….believe you me…but i can relate to your story and Ruby’s story and the story of so many more who know what growing up in some discrimination is all about


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