tHe PeRkS oF bEiNg A wAlLfLoWeR


 They say age is nothing but a number. Yes I used a line, used mainly in love instances, where the couple are not of the same ages but love each other, as Bryshere Y.  Gray(Hakim of The Hit Show Empire), did a song professing his love for Naomi Campbell, despite the age difference, to describe me moving from 20 years to 21 years. Yeah it’s weird but I promise it’s worth it I think, take a sit and let’s both see.

Last Sunday was my 21st birthday on a 21st June. I actually thought it would mean something, or rather it have a significance, but no it was just another day in the week. Actually many of my friends had forgotten about it, that I had to remind them that it was my birthday. Maybe the problem was, that it was on a Sunday, maybe.
According to all my birthdays, this was actually the worst, lol. Even the day was boring, and the gifts were lesser. Yeah I know u now thinking am shallow because I only care about gifts but am sorry, I love gifts, it shows you how people appreciate you.
So back to the significant part, I actually thought, that something awesome is going to happen to me on this birth day of mine. I actually hate surprises but this time I decided to let the world surprise me, lol and it actually did.
Yeah it was a bad birthday, but I appreciate the people who remembered and wished me a happy birthday and promised me a gift,I promise not to forget that.
But I discovered  something about myself, I was growing up, yeah the last 20 years were a bit tough and ugly, but I actually made it, and I thank the Almighty and everyone who has been apart of it for being there and being supportive of me, you much appreciated and loved. For the remaining years to come, I pray they are okay and i pray to be healthy and successful.
Happy new life.


Stay Weird

The Boy


5 thoughts on “tHe PeRkS oF bEiNg A wAlLfLoWeR

  1. maybe the people in your life were just broke, am sure some gifts are still on the way, oh and now that you are 21 you can actually run for president lol


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