sTaY tRuE tO yOuRsElF

stayIt’s funny how people respond to others success, recently there was a huge match between two amazing boxers in the world. It was a huge match, and finally took place after five years. Every boxer  brought out his best and the winner was decided.

Mayweather had 435 punches aimed and he landed 148 at Pacquiao who had 429 punches, but he only landed 81. Statistically Mayweather clearly won the fight.

After the match, memes were being made all against the champ (Mayweather) who according to the scoreboard defeated Pacquiao.



Mayweather stance during one moment of the bout was compared to that of pop star Ariana Grande

This clearly shows you that after working hard and succeeding, you will definitely have people hating on you for no good reason. There will always be something wrong you did to make you succeed.

To the people meddling in other people’s issues, just focus on you, and to all those people being hated for their success keep on doing you and keep on making them jealous and talking bad about you. As the wise men used to say “you are not yet successful until you are talked about.”


Stay Weird

The Boy


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