loveNas once said “I’ll be the first man to admit, that a fat ass caught my attention, but never made ma faithful. A pretty face got me to commit, but never changed me. It was that funny girl with that beautiful personality, million dollar smile and a heart of gold that left me in tears begging for a second chance. I never viewed women the same after her. She left my heart convinced that love is more about chemistry than biology.

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Stay Weird

The Boy


6 thoughts on “lOvE

  1. The same applies for some girls you know. There is more to life than a pretty face or hot body with a six pack. I think…the measure of a man is by the smile of the girl in his life…cause he makes her smile and is her friend

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  2. Having fun in a relationship I think is crucial, so a funny person or at least that you yourself find them funny is a pretty good way to go and if you add on top that she is pretty, all that much the better.


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