FlaVorS oF YouTH

somethings don’t change

somethings do


this days everything is totally mundane

there is no beauty in the moments


sad really, but that’s life for you


have you ever thought about the future ?

some one recently asked me that

who will you be and where you will be ?


this got me thinking


remember when the world was ours ?

when we were young and young and happy ?


i realized i want a taste of that back

when i really enjoyed every moment


i really cant rewind back to the days of our youth




i am going to do whatever i want to do

why should i always listen to what people tell me to do


i want to believe in myself and follow my heart

even if that means being reckless


we are all traveling through time together

everyday of our lives

all we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride


maybe the things we lost touch with yesterday

are still out there

maybe its what is giving color today


Unfortunately we are young and careless










Stay Weird










The Boy




SaMe KiNd oF DiFfErEnT aS Me

a soul in need, needs a way to express itself

silence is never the answer

when there is so much going on inside you

and you have no one to share it with,

that’s very dangerous

life is all about connecting

the three things that connect us humans are

love time death

we long for love

we wish we had more time

we fear death

we all just want to be loved

and we can’t stand being alone

here’s the thing

life is an endless series of train wrecks

with only brief commercial like

breaks of happiness

with death as a silent observer

the point is everything in life happens according to our clock

be patient

as Einstein once said

not everything that counts can be counted

and not everything that’s counted truly counts

it’s not always about the destination

its always about the journey

Stay Weird

The Boy

TwEnTy FoUr (Work in Progress)

in a particular uni, in a particular class the lec asked us what we were afraid of

everyone mentioned the usual death, snakes, spiders, ghosts, the end of the world

when it was my time, i said i was afraid of growing up

and everyone looked at me in awe, wondering what this skinny dude was talking about

so the lec also amazed asked me to explain myself

i told her that growing up comes with many changes

and i did not like to change who i was at that time

i was so afraid of the responsibilities that come with growing up

getting a job, working hard to keep that job, having to meet new people and make new friends

i liked my life simple as it was

just a skinny dude who wanted to date all the girls in his class


in the Twenty Four years

i have learnt to not be afraid of the unknown and live for the moment

because its all we have


i really do not know where i am going from here, but i promise it wont be boring



We are still the kids we used to be





Stay Weird




The Boy

SoRrY tO bOtHeR yOu

i swear life is a constant contradiction

as children we were taught to fear what can hurt us

but as adults we are expected to concur what we are afraid of

i guess natural order is disorder

i come from a different background

just a little bit younger but with the same hunger

i have always been an underdog

always wanting to prove myself

just trying to make my mumma proud

i am a rare dude i am a wonder

i got no game

it’s just that some females understand my story

life of the hopeless romantic lonely boy

i got 99 problems my head doesn’t need to be one

always remember to stay far from timid

only make moves when your heart is in it

and live the phrase the sky is the limit

i would like to end with a quote from one of my favorite characters MegaminD

the huge difference between a villain and a super villain is PresentatioN

again sorry to bother you

Stay Weird

The Boy


everyone has their position in this world

and apparently

this is my canvas (life) and i will paint (live) it how i want it to be

i really don’t have the answers for everything that has ever happened

somethings can’t be explained, they need to be experienced

bravery is more important than perfection

feeling is more important than thought

there is this idea of right and wrong

things just are

it depends on what side you are on

it depends on your agenda

what are monsters?

monsters are pure beautiful creatures we project our fears unto

are they even scary?

or are we just too terrified to look inside and see the ugliness and inadequacies in ourselves ?

i am not trying to say the right thing

i am trying to say how i feel

endings are sad but important

so goodbye

Stay Weird

The Boy

DeFiAnT OnEs

everybody understands the story of I have got nothing and I want something

i am really not a regular ass dude

i have always had to struggle

that’s who I am

that’s what has made me stronger

life happens wherever you are

whether you make it or not

so be true to yourself

be true to your art

and never take it for granted

quit fucking around

stay in the fucking saddle

be relentless and unapologetic and determined to accomplish something that hasn’t been accomplished

do more

do it again, do it again, do it again

don’t ever change who you are

you can’t please everybody

And that’s it

Don’t ever forget that


Stay Weird

The Boy


life ain’t easy

it’s gonna hit u hard

it’s gonna put challenges in your path

it’s gonna take you to all kinds of places

sometimes giving you what you want

what you need

and other times  giving you the biggest middle finger right in front of your face

the trick is to enjoy the journey

and a big part of that depends on who you travel with (crew, gang gang)

i have made a lot of mistakes and i would not want to change anything

and that’s what I have got positivity right


maybe the the truth is I’m not really so ordinary

maybe if we knew what other people were thinking we’d know that no one ‘s ordinary


and we all deserve a standing ovation at least once in our lives

My MAMA deserves the most for always being there for me


Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle

and if you really want to see what people are, all you have to do is look



Stay Weird



The Boy