TimE                     LovE                     DeatH








i heal all wounds, am a stubborn illusion, am abundant, am a gift, i exist simultaneously in the past, present and future.

“you are like death, you ruin things, you kill all beauty, you destroy all that its good in the world,”



am everything, am darkness and sunlight, am pain and laughter, am the fabric of life, am not just the part where everything is great, am also the unbelievable pain you feel when something is taken away,i am pondered endlessly .

“all i can say is goodbye”



am pain, am fear,people tend to avoid me, but everybody has to confront me.

“let me tell you ’bout my self, I’m  scared to die,i’m scared of hello, i’m scared of goodbye”



we long for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death


be sure to notice the collateral beauty. its the profound connection to everything



what would you say to Love, Time, and Death?



(sampled from Collateral Beauty)



Stay Weird



The Boy


BOY MEETS WORLD (adolescence)


I grew up, a fucking screw up
it’s time i shoe up
In love with the baddest girl, I wish I knew her

I wish I won’t so shy
I wish that I, could tell her how I really feel inside

That I’m the perfect nigga for her, but then maybe that’s a lie

life is full of color

we all come around and add some color to the painting

we all die at some point

even after our death we still will be in the painting

this world is but a canvas to our imagination

the world is selfish and brutal, but it is also fascinating

the world is absolutely filled with lousy people and i hate them all


i am still growing up

or maybe am just to intoxicated with society’s BS to believe that


just a mere spectacle of the real



Stay Weird


The Boy

My DeFaUlT (Mr Robot)



i might be too strung out on compliments

overdosed on confidence

faded way too much, i’m floating in and out of consciousness



asking for help is no one’s strong suite, it is like admission of weakness

to patch vulnerability , you have to expose it first

the flip-side being, by exposing a vulnerability you are open for exploit


we destroy parts of ourselves everyday

we photo-shop our warts

we edit the parts we hate about ourselves

we modify the parts we think people hate

we curate our identity

we curve it

annihilation is all we are


it does not matter where you go or where you come from

as long as you keep stumbling, maybe that’s all it takes

maybe that’s as good as it gets.







Stay Weird



The Boy



okay now, why you wanna go and do that, do that ?

i guess that’s what will be in some of you minds after reading this.




Generation Me (the story about millennials)

who are millennials ?

according to my good friend GoOgLe (thank you btw, i finally cleared my studies)

a millennial  a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

millennials are considered to be the cool kids, the new awesome  generation

but wait, here are some facts about them

most of them are narcissist – some are attention seekers, others pretend too be more important than they actually are, others claim to be experts in many things

when something does not go well for a them, they advertise it openly and in a melodramatic way just to get attention

they don’t care about the process, they just want the end product. they just want to sleep and wake up when they are successful

girls really hate each other

boys are obsessed with sex in a stupid way – they overdo things, spend a lot


millennials (basic girls, basic boys and stupid decisions)






Stay Weird


The Boy



the girl that  I could never have is elegant and intelligent and I just feel that I’m irrelevant in her eyes

you’re the type of girl that I couldn’t just write a verse
so I hit it with the poetry, hoping that it’ll work

she is so pretty, she’s so perfect, she’s so worth it
she is so bossy, she’s so assertive, she’s super sexy


you are never not in my thoughts                                                                                                                                                  your scent carries across the room and paralyzes me with longing                                                                                              i wish i  could set you on fire and hold you as the flame consumes us both, to eat your heart so that i only know i posses it entirely

have you ever had a crush?
have you ever felt a rush?                                                                                                                                                               make your heart stop


(sampled from Let it Breathe  by Jaden Smith)



Stay Weird






The Boy






maybe we are all ugly

and maybe you will find someone who will be okay with that and maybe we will be less alone

ugly on the inside relies on beauty on the outside



it’s terribly crowded (in my mind)

am entirely bonkers , but I will tell you a secret, all the best people are

goodbye sanity


we are all profoundly alienated

so many years of education, yet nobody cared to teach us how to love ourselves and why it is so important

so young so damaged


i guess i am just a mess and maybe i am just lonely or just bitter with everything or even with everyone, but all i know is my head’s a storm and my chest is empty.




Stay Weird



The Boy


ThIs Is Us

buy-couple-food-life-favim-com-2692416This is us

We all want  people to know we exist

its not about what you are known for , its about being known at all

We all want to share something

We all want the world to know we exist

We all want someone to know we exist

We all hide behind something e.g being smart, beauty

Why cant you be both pretty and smart

We always look for the easy way out

We all think that life is some big popularity contest and whoever has the most friends wins

We are broken

We are empty

there’s a little bit of prejudice in everyone

you and me

and that’s us






Stay Weird





The Boy