island of the misfit toys

i wanna cry sometimes,
living this life under pressure
i wanna die sometimes,
i gotta keep it together
sometimes i worry
that i might get bad again,
i never understand how
am both happy and sad
and am still trying
to figure out how that can be,
i just hope i make a friend soon
i got problems,
and i be the first to call it out
i get lonely
coz lately friends don’t stick around
i keep my hopes up
coz that’s the one thing i can control
i consider myself abnormal,
coz who wants to be like everybody else
lately i have been talking to myself
its like i am my own consultant
i guess that makes me above average
just like a wallflower,
i see things and i understand
live fast die rich
service is the rent you pay
for room on this earth
and if you don’t know
now you know
to be or not to be?
that’s the mother fucking question
all the troubles in my life
won’t bring me down
all the struggles in my
life teach me how
am perfectly imperfect
when it hurts,
i know there is a purpose
so I’ll cry today
smile tomorrow
change is nature
why are we expected
to be good at everything?
i just want to be whatever
i am and am proud of that
it’s just life,
it will be over before you know it
and its so sad because,
there is so little time
and what are we doing with it?

i guess we are all

a bunch of broken toys





Stay Weird






The Boy


poetic justice

life is so random

and sometimes

the only way out is through

what are the chances that people like me

can really find an escape?


we can’t really live till we die a little

we are always defined by what we can control

and we all just trying to survive


fate is a lie,

there can only be choice

art and life no difference right?


being an adult doesn’t mean

that you have to throw away

what you used to love,

it’s just seeing the world through new eyes


the most beautiful things

in life are for free

things u own,

end up owning you


stop trying to be perfect

cut the foreplay and just ask,

the simple answer is usually the correct answer

just say what you need and want to say

just look at us running around,

always late i guess that’s why they call us the human race


this is for the ones who don’t belong

the gaijin’s like me

que sera sera

every day it gets easier,

but you gotta do it every day

qui vivra verra






Stay Weird




The Boy

a world alone

the most dark twisted and beautiful thing

i realized about life is that we really try so hard

to find meaning in it

just to fucking die in the end


the world is as u find it,

so you have to deal with that

the broken are the more evolved

practice is perfection

and you yourself are responsible for your own happiness


we get up in the morning,

we do our best, nothing else matters


we are just lonely people trying to hate ourselves less,

maybe that’s all we are going to be,

maybe that’s all we ever were

life is a series of closing doors isn’t


sometimes i feel like i was born with a leak

and any goodness i started with,

slowly just slipped out of me,

now it’s all gone and i will never get it back in me


i really get sad sometimes,

what do you do when you get sad?


you know what the problem with life is,

either you know what you want

and you don’t get what you want


you get what you want

and you don’t know what you want


i kind think that all you are the things that you do

and there is no such thing as an ending,

just a place where u leave the story


you gotta do what your heart tells you to do

let me tell you something

you’re only allowed three great women in your lifetime

they come along like the great fighters, every ten years

Rocky Marciano

Sugar Ray Robinson

Joe Louis

Sometimes you get ’em all at once.


you have no idea now what you will become,

and its ok not to know everything

sometimes take a leap of faith

don’t try and control it,

let go,

that’s when the fun starts


there’s is no present like the time


i live for beauty and beautiful films



Stay Weird



The Boy

the marathon continues

maybe am not special

and this is what it is to be human

like a mirror u see everything

but understand nothing

i get really quiet

when my mind is too loud

my days is a mess

my nights is a mess

my life is a mess

my life is a mess of happiness, sex, lust and obsession

but you gonna have to excuse my mess, yes

life can be a sick joke

It’s lonely

no one to talk to

and the saddest part is we are our own destruction

beauty is relevant

reveal your inner chaos

i want more out of life than this

and someday we will find what we looking for

how to stop time kiss

how to travel in time films

how to escape time music

how to feel time write

how to release time breathe

mankind is not evil, just uninformed

here is the good, here is the bad

here is the bad that is in the good

here is the good that is in the bad

here is life

we are all mysterious works of

chance/choice of nature/nurture

life is not about playing the odds

it’s about playing the game

but the most fucked up thing

is that no one wins the game

life is the art of dying

you know what

this place makes me wonder

Stay Weird

The Boy

WaLL of WeirD

Life is like a box of timelines
life is a fucking nightmare
Being a person is a fucking nightmare
Life is too painful
or we just too fragile
Stuck in a body that is broken
a world that is literally falling apart
a mind that is killing me
Routine is an incredible thing
we became what we repeatedly do
and with fate the fucker who always wins
What’s the answer
There must be a meaning to existence
or otherwise the universe is made of pain
Mind over MATTER
Just let go
find beauty in the mundane
Enjoy the little things
My intuition is telling me that there will
be better days
Woke up an optimist
sun was shining
I’m positive
WE do not have forever
all we have is a single day
We all have this illusion that we are in control
things are always going to change
No matter how good u are
you are evil in someone’s story
I guess destiny is not the path given to us But the
path we choose for ourselves
It can be scary to ask yourself what’s next
all the doubts start to creep in
are people going to like me
can I handle a challenge
you can ask this questions forever
or you can just take the first step
We live in sensitive times
we have to evolve if we want to succeed
sometimes that requires us to share our vulnerabilities
so that we can see one another in a new way
Why do we fall?
so that we can learn to pick up ourselves
good thoughts
good words
good deeds
its not about the end its about the journey
dying is easy, its living that is hard
there are no stranger creatures, only bad people
StaY WeirD

MiDDle ChiLD

I’m dead in the middle of 2 generations

i’m little bro and big bro all at once

i am both nowhere and everywhere at the same time

an empty space

a nobody


I really hate beginnings

it’s really hard for me to connect with somebody

when I met someone or get close to someone

i mess it up

i get frustrated

i am fixated

sometimes it’s easier when u not real


i am just in my shell

i have a hard time expressing myself

you know i am sensitive

i got a gentle mental


My mind doesn’t work right

i’ve been wanting something I can feel

so i filter my pain through the prism of humor & music


Tired of being trapped in my damn mind

depression and obsession don’t mix well

when you thinking too much u removing what’s moving

life is always happening when you busy making other plans


Youth is wasted on the young

its a hurt people hurt people generation

we get a life that is deserving

not a life of instant gratification

we are all slowly dying

but at-least some of us get to choose how

almost no good people exist

we ain’t perfect but we damn close

maybe we just want others to feel as worse as we feel

truly the injured generation


WE all need a sense of belonging WE all need to belong somewhere


It’s OK to be sad

it’s OK to talk about this things

go through this things

you not weird for being depressed

we are each our own devil and we make this world our hell


StaY WeirD




LiFe iTSelF

All I ever wanted
was the normal mundane isht
everyone was taking granted
i just wanted to be happy
date the right kind of girl
have a successful career
have some cool ass people around me
but what’s normal anyway
what is the right amount of success
what is happiness
Success is balance in life
Happiness is just the absence of pain
We are all lonely
what we fight in life is not to be lonely
Life is the only reliable narrator
but it is also a complete unreliable narrator
because it’s constantly misdirecting
misleading us & taking us on a journey
that is really impossible to predict where
its going to go next
No one knows where their story is going to be
or who our hero’s are going to be
but that is life its what it does
Life brings you to your knees
so find your story
get back up & go further
Life will surprise you
It may be easy to wallow in the tragedy that shape our lives
and while it’s natural to focus
on those unspeakable moments
that brings us to our knees
we must remind ourselves that if we get up
if we take the story a little bit further there is love
Try to live your life with no expectations
for who gets the life they really want
Who could see the future
we may never know it
StaY WeirD
The BoY