LoSt FiLeS

i just realized that i mastered the art of loosing

and the only good nation is imagination

tired of feeling low even when am high ain’t no way to live, do i want to die, i don’t know

in this life there is no happy endings, just pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance

there’s so much in life that’s out of our control

sometimes you just have to block out the noise


can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

humans fear what they can’t understand


what if everyone could interact with others with the innocence of a new born?


we all want to be perfect

have no fear though, you will never reach perfection

and its quite okay


we all want to be remembered

maybe there is no point

oblivion is inevitable so just do you





Stay Weird







The Boy


Mo MaN (monsters are human)

i am tired of earth, the people

i am tired of being caught up in their tangle of their lives

everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain

you really can not have a rainbow with a little rain


we are living in a society that profits from self doubt

liking yourself is actually a rebellious act

sometimes the truth is not good enough

sometimes people deserve more


you are not alive just to please the aesthetic of the colonized eye

consistency is death

you can be anyone you want

you could live a thousand lives

its when everyone thinks that they know who you are is when you really are trapped


what if words never really existed and all we had was actions to express ourselves

i really wonder what kind of depth and shallowness that could bring to the world


you are still going to be criticized, so you might as well do whatever you want

i know right

how painful and exquisite is it to be alive


am only doing this thing because am having fun

the day i stop having fun I’ll just walk away


i am not looking to escape my darkness

i am just learning to love myself here




Stay Weird






The Boy






UnTiTlEd ()

society is to blame

the world is so unfair , so i have to die

grow a pair (please do)

there is no point in blaming everybody

stop waiting for life to be easy

stop waiting for somebody to save you

you really need to face some hard facts and you will have an incredible life


a life without regret is definitely not a life without living

let your self get caught up in a moment every once in a while

sometimes the consequences are worth it


yea so 99 percent of the people will disappoint you,

but in the marginal error you will find some magic


when people say that they love you

actually they love  how loving you makes them feel about themselves

or they love what they can take away from you

but, take away the money, cars, travel and all the other expensive stuff that we all want to own

nothing about that is shit if you cant tell someone you love about it


there is definitely no point

or at least, big picture we don’t get to know what it is, why we live

life happens (you bump into shit)


the devil is right there in the detail

even art needs a bit of mystery, some resistance




Stay Weird






The Boy

BaNdAgE (writing aid)

running out of things i could prove myself

way too busy loosing am gonna loose myself

momma say she gon pray for us

coz i  cant do this on my own (sampled from AKA Caiphus song)


i really should have noticed before it was too late

i realized that i am slowly dying of survival

i came to find out that i have always been loosing even from birth

i lost the connection/ the bond with me and my mum when they separated us  (for those who don’t get this, i mean when they cut the umbilical cord)

and i also lost the only place i was warm and safe from all the hate and the negativity in this world (mummy’s womb)




i have gone through many losses in my life, i lost some family members, i lost some friends, i also lost some contacts with people who were quite awesome in this messed up world

but i also got to realize something, loosing sometimes is not really a bad thing, rather it can be a lesson (THANKS Conor McGregor(this dude just made 100 mil dollars from his loss)

and i believe that am still learning

for me writing is my aid

whats your aid?





Stay Weird







The Boy

AtYpIcAl (Everything Everything)

life is just a series of failures and disappointments filled with ass holes and honesty is the only way to be

(i guess i just explained ‘my’ life)

you can talk but no one really listens to you

you can see (i hope i still do with all these paper people) but no one really sees you

nothing you do matters to anyone

it feels like you really do not exist (do you know that feeling ?)

like an astronaut stuck in space

i just want to scream and shout so that i can be noticed for once (but probably these paper people will think am probably insane)

but i rather be insane than fake.

this is your one and only life, what exactly do you want to tell people about it ?

if someone actually asked me that, i would probably tell them that am not that messed up as before (i really hope so), i believe am getting better and that all monsters are human.

our lives here on earth is really short

and we still are messed up and scared

we hurt and also hurt each other

i really never understand how one minute you are in love and the next minute you are less than strangers

but i guess you get what you wish for (cheesy line)

everyday feels the same

and i believe its time i put my life on hold

and maybe take some risks and try to make things right (total lies please pleeeaaaseee don’t believe this lunatic)






Stay Weird






The Boy









WoNdEr WoMaN

Gal Gadot described a wonder woman as an “idealist. experienced, super-confident. having many strengths and powers, but at the end of the day she’s a woman with a lot of emotional intelligence”

personally, a wonder woman is  a woman who has the guts to be vulnerable and also have strength as the same damn time

throughout history, women have fought to assert themselves as individuals and experts in different fields, something most men have had the luxury of talking for granted

Eleanor Roosevelt once challenged us to do one thing every day that scared us

and most of the women i have come across are out here making moves ( i got the moves, she got the moves )


she might have four boys, but she is actually the boss of them all (mum)

she may be tiny ,but she actually commands so much attention (bea)

she may not enjoy her boss and her job at one time, but she actually flourishing in her outside business (chem)

she may have gone to school and studied on a particula field, she actually follows her passion (fashion) and is actually good at it (gogo)

she might have a rough start, but she went on to be the best in what she does (percussiva)


all these woman are such an inspiration to me

wonder woman – she is wise and strong, complicated, interesting, strong willed, lover of peace, fierce, nurturing,highly compassionate, relatable, sympathetic, she does not need to be muscular to show strength




Stay Weird




The  Boy

TrAgEdY Of LiFe 

it’s ok to struggle, life is a struggle

a place where the strongest and the most cunning rule a place where everyone feels alone

we are a society of stalkers, we are all guilty, we all look, we all think things we are ashamed of

here, having power makes you a target, having allies make you vulnerable

so I decided that I wanted to control my insanity, so I thought to myself, maybe I needed someone in my life, maybe a pretty face with the right set of thighs and a pretty smile, I thought that might help

when I felt her the first time I flew, nobody gave me the high that she did

unfortunately it was all a fairy tale in a messed up kid’s mind

unfortunately that’s the tragedy of life

May we get what we want and may we never get what we deserve

Stay Weird
The Boy