NúMeRo UnO

number one

the first at everything

being the first one born in your family

the pretty one

the handsome one

the successful one

being literally good at everything


when you are number one, the world takes advantage of you


the first born child is expected to be the parent when the parents are not there

you are supposed to be a great example to your other siblings

you are supposed to be successful

behave a certain way

fix problems and take care of things because your siblings look up to you

you are supposed to do all that and you still are a child


when you are great at something, their is so much required of you

you are never allowed to be wrong at any certain point

the world depends on you, and if you mess up it will be tragic


the pretty and the handsome have been put so much pressure by the world

they are expected to look a certain way and to maintain it

so you will find so many doing things that end up harming their body

and they are only human


the world just acknowledges everything that is beautiful, but always hides the damned


it’s not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me


Stay Weird


The Boy


BeAuTiFuL & ThE DaMnEd

we used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars

now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt


the universe is just an animal that grazes on the ordinary

it just creates infinite idiots just to eat them


the only sensible way to live in this world is without rules

when you know nothing matters, the universe is yours


sometimes you have to be crazy if you want to burn bright

you must not be afraid to dream a little bigger

you have to take a leap of faith first, the trust part comes later


the wasted years

the wasted youth

the pretty lies

the ugly truths

the creative adult is the child who survived


the scariest thing is to not know your place in this word

to not know why you are here

living is just risking it all


nobody exists on puprose

nobody belongs anywhere

everybody is gonna die

come watch TV







sometimes a good story will remind you of who you want to be,

that’s why there are so many stories about good and evil

stories about living and dying

and how you got to do one instead of the other


i think there is more than one prison, i think you carry yours wherever you go

and sometimes the greatest adventure is conversation

we create our own demons and we only learn to live above them


we only focused on the superficial stuff

you should not like things because people tell you are supposed to


we are all a little sad all the time

and if you try controlling your sadness it ends up leaking everywhere

pain demands to be felt

pain is our strength


we fall so that we can learn to pick up ourselves

struggle is our victory


we always tell ourselves stories in order to live


life is random as it’s deliberate, funny as it’s tragic, yours is no exception







Stay Weird







The Boy



my parents warned me about the drugs in the streets,

but never the ones with the big brown eyes and a heartbeat


she was like a storm,

not the one you ran away from

but rather the one you chase


to love someone, you got to be a stranger

love is chaos and is the only game in town worth playing

buildings burn, people die , but real love is forever


there will always be

a lie in believe

an over in lover

an end in friend

an us in trust

and an if in life


we are all broken,

but if you find someone who is okay with that

then all is well


no matter what you say or what you do

when am alone i’d rather be with you

i’d be right by your side till 3005



Stay Weird





The Boy


LoSt FiLeS

i just realized that i mastered the art of loosing

and the only good nation is imagination

tired of feeling low even when am high ain’t no way to live, do i want to die, i don’t know

in this life there is no happy endings, just pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance

there’s so much in life that’s out of our control

sometimes you just have to block out the noise


can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

humans fear what they can’t understand


what if everyone could interact with others with the innocence of a new born?


we all want to be perfect

have no fear though, you will never reach perfection

and its quite okay


we all want to be remembered

maybe there is no point

oblivion is inevitable so just do you





Stay Weird







The Boy

Mo MaN (monsters are human)

i am tired of earth, the people

i am tired of being caught up in their tangle of their lives

everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain

you really can not have a rainbow with a little rain


we are living in a society that profits from self doubt

liking yourself is actually a rebellious act

sometimes the truth is not good enough

sometimes people deserve more


you are not alive just to please the aesthetic of the colonized eye

consistency is death

you can be anyone you want

you could live a thousand lives

its when everyone thinks that they know who you are is when you really are trapped


what if words never really existed and all we had was actions to express ourselves

i really wonder what kind of depth and shallowness that could bring to the world


you are still going to be criticized, so you might as well do whatever you want

i know right

how painful and exquisite is it to be alive


am only doing this thing because am having fun

the day i stop having fun I’ll just walk away


i am not looking to escape my darkness

i am just learning to love myself here




Stay Weird






The Boy






UnTiTlEd ()

society is to blame

the world is so unfair , so i have to die

grow a pair (please do)

there is no point in blaming everybody

stop waiting for life to be easy

stop waiting for somebody to save you

you really need to face some hard facts and you will have an incredible life


a life without regret is definitely not a life without living

let your self get caught up in a moment every once in a while

sometimes the consequences are worth it


yea so 99 percent of the people will disappoint you,

but in the marginal error you will find some magic


when people say that they love you

actually they love  how loving you makes them feel about themselves

or they love what they can take away from you

but, take away the money, cars, travel and all the other expensive stuff that we all want to own

nothing about that is shit if you cant tell someone you love about it


there is definitely no point

or at least, big picture we don’t get to know what it is, why we live

life happens (you bump into shit)


the devil is right there in the detail

even art needs a bit of mystery, some resistance




Stay Weird






The Boy