MoNtAgE of HeCk

sometimes i really do not know where i fit in

i just want to be like everyone else

but no one seems to be interested in the things that am interested in

they just think am weird

and that makes me anxious all the time


i am really an open book

in a culture that does not fucking read


we all want to be liked and even to be loved

but people are always quick to judge

just by the cover


always remember that whatever you believe imprisons you

do not always depend on fate

she is just a tricky lady

and when you  try to figure her out

you just get more confused


every battle scar is a memory

realness always needs to bleed through  everything you do

so am always going to pick the things that people ran away from

things that people make assumptions about

that’s art

i am art, you are art

and i just want to be okay



Stay Weird




The Boy


ClOuDs NeVeR GeT OlD

we live in an ugly world and the only way to survive is to be ugly right back

everyone was born an artist, until society and their parents beat it out of them

life is just random and unfair and it doesn’t always ask our permission

it’s just is and we are all it’s victims

life is lonely enough And Nobody knows what they are doing

everyone’s got their thing , maybe it’s a break up, a death, an accident

whatever it is you used to be one thing and now you are something else

we all have our own problems, our own issues our own demons

the mistakes I have made, have made who I am today

if I had to go back and live it differently, I wouldn’t be me and this is my best version

things don’t happen for a reason, things happen randomly for no reason at all

but they create opportunities, and u learn from the opportunities even the missed ones

the question is, can you recognize that next opportunity when it matters the most

Stay Weird

The Boy


i always felt like life was a beautiful sad song

and people were never answers, they were just more questions


there are forces in the universe that we do not understand

measurable forces that can not be explained

and can not be defined


life makes all of us un poco loco

and everyone has a reason for why they do some fucking things


we are always dealing with some stuff;

anxiety, rejection, inferiority, paralysis, character issues, moral issues

just life stuff


silence can be really loud and deafening

and when you have silence, its really hard to keep stuff out

it’s just all there and you can’t get rid of it


life is just about trying to make genuine connections with people

and i think i understand what people mean to each other


i really don’t know where i am going from here

but i promise it won’t be boring


always remember to not take life so seriously

no one comes out alive any way




Stay Weird




The Boy


ThE ArT Of GeTtInG By

sometimes I feel like I am always on the outside,

there is this invisible line that I have to cross to be a

part of everything and I just can’t never seem to

cross it

life has a way of moving you past wants and hopes

and the best part of everything is the moment before

it starts, confusing and obviously meaningless like


we live alone, we die alone and everything else is just

an illusion, so why am I supposed to spend my life

working, sweating, struggling for an illusion,

because no amount of friends, no girl is going to help

me avoid my fate

i really have no idea what am doing

i don’t have the answers yet

am allowed to be confused and stumble

are we ever gonna be better than this

I guess a boy can dream

to be mad in a deranged world is not madness its

sanity, ain’t that some poetic justice

Stay Weird

The Boy


the world may or may not be without purpose,

but it’s not totally without some kind of magic, beauty and mystery

each of us must find a reason to truly embrace life


it’s alright to be afraid

listen to your heart,

its risky, take that leap of faith


the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place to a beautiful place is love,

love in any of its forms

love gives us hope


so stop and reflect on the year that has gone by

remember both your triumphs and missteps

the promises made and broken

the times we opened up ourselves to great adventures

or close ourselves down for fear of getting hurt


the new year is about getting another chance,

chance to forgive

to do better

do more

give more love

stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be

remember to be nice and kind to each other


lets give each other hugs






Stay Weird





The Boy




StIlL FiGuRiNg It AlL OuT

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing everyone he didn’t exist

Give a man a mask and he will become his trueself,
that’s just the nature of the beast

I have learnt that, What you do really matters,
the smallest act of kindness,
the simplest expression of love,
it grows,
it reverberates through the world,
the universe
its a light that’s more powerful than any force of darkness

Learn to be present, enjoy the moment

Just be happy

Trust the process,
be patient,
thank yourself for being here today

So let’s toast to NEVER lie steal cheat or drink

But if you must lie,
lie in the arms of the one u love

If you must steal,
steal away from bad company

If you must cheat,
cheat death

And if you must drink,
drink in the moments that take ua breathe away

Happy holidays

Stay Weird

The Boy

NúMeRo UnO

number one

the first at everything

being the first one born in your family

the pretty one

the handsome one

the successful one

being literally good at everything


when you are number one, the world takes advantage of you


the first born child is expected to be the parent when the parents are not there

you are supposed to be a great example to your other siblings

you are supposed to be successful

behave a certain way

fix problems and take care of things because your siblings look up to you

you are supposed to do all that and you still are a child


when you are great at something, their is so much required of you

you are never allowed to be wrong at any certain point

the world depends on you, and if you mess up it will be tragic


the pretty and the handsome have been put so much pressure by the world

they are expected to look a certain way and to maintain it

so you will find so many doing things that end up harming their body

and they are only human


the world just acknowledges everything that is beautiful, but always hides the damned


it’s not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me


Stay Weird


The Boy