NoTe to SeLf

All is fair in love and war

true value comes in the smallest imperfections

Every human being is a puzzle of need

learn how to be the missing piece

and they will give you everything

Find beauty in the human dilussion

believe in something even if it means sacrificing


Eventually we have to walk away

the only way out is finding something you care about

We are children of a bad revolution

we want to replace true experiences with simulations

We don’t talk to each other

we watch talk shows

we don’t play games

we watch game shows

Thus the fallout of humanity

apparently explanation kills art

We were born naked

then dressed by time

The more you take the less you have

the best things in life

happen unexpectedly

Life is to be lived

not controlled

You think too much

you get unhappy

There is no point

that’s the point

according to one of the greatest artist’s StaN Lee

Life is not completely without its challenges

StaY WeirD




Sometimes wen u feeling helpless

the secret is to get out of ua head and help someone else

Next time someone asks for help say yes

we sometimes need to be meeseeks


Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today

change is inevitable

but we can always ask for help



It’s a scary world out there

we all have set backs

it does not mean we stop trying

Life always works out


Am getting there


We all need friendship




a push when you need it


Am bad at a lot of stuff

being around people

But one rule of nature is that like finds like


We are lost without connection

Hypothesis All souls are on the quest to connect


The universe has a funny way of keeping us humble

dont be so scared that we are going to die

you forget to do the things that keep us alive

it’s ok to fear the answers

But you can’t avoid them


Decide to be more decisive

always be grateful

i am just one of seven billion people in the world who are trying to fit in


For every pain there is a melody

for every trouble there is a harmony

that brings everything together


always remember that

everything happens for a reason




StaY WeirD





StoRy oF My LiFe

do you ever feel like the world is conspiring against you

to tell you that you are not good enough?


It’s a tough world


to survive you also need to be tough


People should say how they really feel

there is so much BS in the world not to

The world you see is just that

that’s just the way it looks


The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest

People believe whatever supports their world view


The most valuable things in life are usually the most helpless

Humans are primitive vial race


Coincidence that’s all anything ever is nothing more

Life always happens

There is no such thing as fate

nothing is meant to be

Life has no meaning


Life Begins to feel like a countdown

this way in the morning

that way at night

then one day it’s done with you

Everything is temporary


Birthdays this days be the worst days

because I know am getting older and unhappier

I miss when losing my virginity was my only worry


Life too short

Don’t ever question the lengths

It’s cool to cry

Don’t ever question your strength


I try to live my life a quatre mile at a time


for those ten seconds or less am free







StaY WeirD









leTTeRs To LiFe

The noblest art is that of making others (just the few that matter) happy

Be grateful for what you have when you have it

I  have always wanted my own planet

where everybody loves each other



There are no heroes and villains

just people with different agendas



As terrifying and painful as reality can be

it’s only the only place u can get a decent meal

People need to spend time in the real world



Life’s a gamble

that’s the thrill of it



Almost non of us commit suicide

and almost all of us self destruct in some way

in some part of our lives

we drink

we smoke

we destabilize the good job

or the happy marriage



WE spend 1/3 of our lives asleep

and maybe that’s the time we feel most free



Sometimes I think I have felt everything I am ever going to feel

and from here on out I’m not gonna feel anything new



My happiness is not dependent on outcome



The world is on my shit list




Stay Weird





The Boy

FlaVorS oF YouTH

somethings don’t change

somethings do


this days everything is totally mundane

there is no beauty in the moments


sad really, but that’s life for you


have you ever thought about the future ?

some one recently asked me that

who will you be and where you will be ?


this got me thinking


remember when the world was ours ?

when we were young and young and happy ?


i realized i want a taste of that back

when i really enjoyed every moment


i really cant rewind back to the days of our youth




i am going to do whatever i want to do

why should i always listen to what people tell me to do


i want to believe in myself and follow my heart

even if that means being reckless


we are all traveling through time together

everyday of our lives

all we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride


maybe the things we lost touch with yesterday

are still out there

maybe its what is giving color today


Unfortunately we are young and careless










Stay Weird










The Boy



SaMe KiNd oF DiFfErEnT aS Me

a soul in need, needs a way to express itself

silence is never the answer

when there is so much going on inside you

and you have no one to share it with,

that’s very dangerous

life is all about connecting

the three things that connect us humans are

love time death

we long for love

we wish we had more time

we fear death

we all just want to be loved

and we can’t stand being alone

here’s the thing

life is an endless series of train wrecks

with only brief commercial like

breaks of happiness

with death as a silent observer

the point is everything in life happens according to our clock

be patient

as Einstein once said

not everything that counts can be counted

and not everything that’s counted truly counts

it’s not always about the destination

its always about the journey

Stay Weird

The Boy

TwEnTy FoUr (Work in Progress)

in a particular uni, in a particular class the lec asked us what we were afraid of

everyone mentioned the usual death, snakes, spiders, ghosts, the end of the world

when it was my time, i said i was afraid of growing up

and everyone looked at me in awe, wondering what this skinny dude was talking about

so the lec also amazed asked me to explain myself

i told her that growing up comes with many changes

and i did not like to change who i was at that time

i was so afraid of the responsibilities that come with growing up

getting a job, working hard to keep that job, having to meet new people and make new friends

i liked my life simple as it was

just a skinny dude who wanted to date all the girls in his class


in the Twenty Four years

i have learnt to not be afraid of the unknown and live for the moment

because its all we have


i really do not know where i am going from here, but i promise it wont be boring



We are still the kids we used to be





Stay Weird




The Boy